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Portable Nail Clipper Set With Case

Portable Nail Clipper Set With Case

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  • Material: stainless steel
  • Portable manicure and pedicure kit
  • 18 pieces included
  • Great birthday, anniversary gift.
  • Case size: 16 x 8 cm approx.


What is one of the most underrated blessings we all have?

The body.

If we think about it, our functioning organs, our growing hair, our strengthened nails, our moving fingers are miracle machines. Yet so conveniently we deny them their well-deserved care.

Body care should be one of the top priorities. It is a sign of celebrating God's blessing. And this portable nail clipper set will let you do just that.

With 18 different pieces of equipment, you can get professional manicures and pedicures anytime, anywhere.

cuticle removal
file nails
scrape off dirt
eyelash lengthening
Shape the eyebrows

And much more. It's a nail clipper, scissor, clipper, shaper, and dead skin remover all in one.

What you will get:

  • Effective grooming of feet, face, and hands: There are a total of 16 tools included in the leather case that will allow you (both men and women) to practice grooming at home and on the go easily. Get rid of long nose hair, scrape off the dead skin on your face, shape your eyebrows, remove cuticles, trim nails, and much more with these.

  • THE IDEAL PORTABLE SIZE FOR TRAVEL: If you are a passionate traveler or have to move around a lot due to work, this travel nail clipper kit is a must-have for you. It measures only 16 x 8 cm (approx.), and the tools are neatly organized in the leather case for convenient carrying in purses, handbags, and suitcases.

  • Long-lasting tools: Scissors, nail clippers, nail clippers, cuticle pushers, and dead skin removers are made of durable stainless steel with polished edges and solid construction. This travel grooming kit will stay with you for a long time.

  • Great Gift for Men and Women: Acknowledge the convenience and benefit of this portable nail clipper kit and give it to your loved ones on their birthdays and anniversaries. You can perform as many operations.


  •         1x large nail clipper

  •         1x nail clippers

  •         1x diagonal pliers

  •         1x brush

  •         1x dead skin tweezers

  •         1x toothed scraper

  •         1x flat mouth knife

  •         1x oblique knife

  •         1x pick

  •         1x off the knife

  •         1x fork dead leather

  •         1x nail file

  •         1x eyebrow scissors

  •         1x eyebrow clip

  •         1x acne control needle

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